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  • 15MPa Hydraulic Station

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    No Item Data 1 Voltage DC24v/DC48v 2 Power 800w 3 Oil Volume 350ml 4 Max Pressure 15MPA 5 Displacement 19ml/S 6 Pump type Bi-directional gear pump 7 Hydraulic Oil L-HV46# 8 waterproof level IPX6 9 Frequency of use Use it continuously for 6 minutes for a long period of time 10 Noise level <80DB

  • 20MPa Hydraulic Station

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    No Item Data 1 Voltage AC220v/AC380v 2 Power 500W 3 Oil Volume 600ml 4 Max Pressure 20MPa 5 Displacement 0.38CC/0.63CC/0.88CC 6 Pump type Bi-directional gear pump 7 Hydraulic Oil L-HV46# 8 waterproof level IPX6 9 Frequency of use Use it continuously for 6 minutes for a long period of time 10 Noise level <80DB

  • Gas spring

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  • Height Adjustable Table Frame

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  • Outboard Hydraulic Warper LD50-173

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    No Item Data 1 Voltage DC12v/24v/48v 2 Power 300w 3 Telescopic stroke 173mm 4 Maximum lift 1.8T 5 Collision Protection Yes 6 Lifting speed 10-11mm/s 7 waterproof level IPX6 8 Noise level 75DB 9 Working condition oudoor 10 Operating temperature -30 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius 11 N.W/G.W/Packing size 5.8kg/6.1kg/61x20x13cm

  • SDE3/SDE7/SDE14 Dual-axis Slewing drive

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    • High Output Torque: Enhanced performance for more challenging applications.
    • Excellent Tracking Precision: Superior accuracy for maximum efficiency.
    • Anti-Corrosion Coating: Prolongs the lifespan of the slewing drive.
    • Anti-UV Sealing: Protects against UV radiation damage.
    • IP66 Protection Class: Ensures resistance to dust and water ingress.
    • Wide Application: Suitable for PV, CPV, and CSP systems.
  • SE3/SE7/SE9/SE12/SE14/SE17/SE21/SE25/SE28 Slewing Drive

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    SE Series Slewing Drive


    • High Load Capacity: Capable of safely handling substantial axial, radial, and tilting moment loads.
    • Smooth and Precise Rotation: Delivers smooth and reliable rotational movement for precise control and positioning.
    • Easy Installation and Maintenance: The compact design and simple construction simplify installation and reduce maintenance requirements.
    • Customizable Solutions: As an experienced manufacturer, we offer customized SE Series Slewing Drives to meet your specific application needs.
  • SLA-12K 12000N linear actuator

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    Product parameters of Max 12000N 12v 24v DC Motor Industrial Heavy Load Linear Actuator

    1. Drive voltage: 12VDC 24VDC 36VDC 48VDC (it can be choosed)

    2. Maximum load: 1200KG/12000N

    3. Ambient temperature :-20 to +45 degree

    4. Low noise design, noise levels below 60 db

    5. Built-in integral limit switches(not adjustable after leaving factory, When completed stroke, linear actuator automatically stops!)

    6. Min.install size: stroke+250mm

    7. Other options: hall sensor

    8. Standard Stroke: 25/50/100/150/200/250/300mm, could produce as your requirement.

    9. Product Color: black

    10. Duty cycle:10%, work 2 minutes need to rest 18minutes.

  • SLA-12KB 12000N linear actuator

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    Key Features:

    • Wide Load Capacity Range: Supports loads from 3200N to 12000N, making it suitable for a broad range of industrial applications.
    • Variable Stroke Length: Available in stroke lengths from 50mm to 1000mm, providing flexibility to meet different system requirements.
    • Adjustable Speed: Operates at speeds ranging from 6mm/s to 37mm/s, ensuring precise control and efficiency.
    • Optional Signal Feedback: Choose between a potentiometer or hall sensor for accurate position feedback, enhancing system control and monitoring.
    • External & Adjustable Limit Switch: Features an easily adjustable limit switch for improved safety and operational flexibility.
  • SLA-15K 15000N linear actuator for solar tracker

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    • Model: SLA-15K
    • Input Voltage: 12V/24V/36V/48V DC
    • No-Load Speed: 6.5mm/s
    • Load Speed: 2.5mm/s to 3mm/s
    • Maximum Load: 10000N (1000kg) or 15000N (1500kg)
    • Self-Locking Force: 30000N (3000kg)
    • Usage Frequency: 10% (2 minutes on, 18 minutes off)
    • Travel Switch: Built-in inner travel switch
    • Ambient Temperature: -20 to 65 degrees Celsius
    • Waterproof Rating: IP66
  • SLA-15KB 15000N linear actuator for solar tracker

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    High-Strength Aluminum Housing: Ideal for harsh environments, ensuring durability and longevity.
    Comprehensive Braking & Strong Self-Locking: Features a non-rotating piston rod eye, perfect for precise solar angle adjustments.
    DC Permanent Magnet Motor: Compact, sturdy, and easy to install, providing consistent performance.
    Customizable Options: Choose from various stroke lengths (50mm to 1200mm) and travel speeds (1.4mm/s, 2.0mm/s, 3.0mm/s) to meet your specific needs.
    Signal Feedback Hall Sensor: Supported for enhanced control and monitoring.
    Limit Switch Options: Available with built-in or external magnetic limit switches for flexible installation.
    High and Stable Quality: Passed over 500 hours of salt spray, waterproof, high/low temperature, ultraviolet light, and impact tests, ensuring long service life.

  • SLA-CX03 remote controller

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    Wireless remote control receiver is simply wired in between the DC power supply and the linear actuator or DC motor.

    Controls the up/down/stop or clockwise/counterclockwise/stop movement of 12V DC motors.

    Easy to install and quick response.

    It has small volume, stable and reliable performance and high receive sensitivity.

    It covers application area from simple domestic remote control to autonomous control, like auto door, window, lifting equipment, entrance access and up and down controller.

  • SLA-CX04 remote controller

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    • ⚡ Input Voltage: AC 110V / 220V 50Hz/60Hz
    • ⚡ Maximum Output Voltage: 12V/24V/29V DC
    • ⚡ Maximum Output Current: 5A
    • ⚡ Maximum Output Power: 120W
    • 🔧 Control Mode: Lock/Non-lock (Standard)
    • 🔌 Motor Plug: 2-core plug
    • 🔌 Power Plug: 2-core 8-shaped plug
    • 🔄 Working Cycle: 10% (2 minutes of work followed by 18 minutes of rest)
  • SLA-EHA 30000N load electric hydraulic linear actuator with hall sensor

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    • High Thrust Capability: Delivers 3T of thrust, providing 50% more power in the same compact volume.
    • Integrated System: Combines a hydraulic unit, cylinder, control circuit, and travel switch for seamless operation.
    • Certified Safety: Comes with CE and EU certifications, ensuring compliance with international safety standards.
    • Zero Oil Spill: Engineered to prevent oil spills, maintaining a clean and efficient operation.
    • IP65 Waterproof: Rated IP65 for waterproofing, suitable for outdoor and harsh environments.
  • SLA-HP250 hydraulic pump for medical bed

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    SLA-HP250 Self-Contained Hydraulic Actuator

    The SLA-HP250 is a highly reliable, self-contained hydraulic actuator with over a million units produced. Combining the pump, cylinder, valves, and reservoir into a single, compact, maintenance-free unit, it simplifies installation and ensures long-lasting performance. Each SLA-HP250 features a pressure relief valve and a flow control valve for smooth descent, making it a top choice for efficiency and durability. Discover the ease and reliability of the SLA-HP250 for your hydraulic needs.

  • SLA-JGY370 DC gear motor

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    • Voltage range : DC 6V, 12V, 24V

    • Available RPM/Speed range  : 2,3,6,10,14,18,23,30,40,55,90,130,150,210

    • torque Range in Kg/cm: 1.2-25Kg/cm

    • GearBox: Rectangle micro-turbine worm gear box with Max bearing capacity 30Kg/cm and with self-lock at power failures.

      *The reducer output shaft arranged vertically with the motor shaft, whole motor output shaft relatively-short than general gear motor

    • Motor Shaft :D Shape right angle stainless steel hardened Shaft 6mm ×15mm

    • Opration: CW/CCW , you can change the wiring-connection to change motor rotation.