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  • SDE3/SDE7/SDE14 Dual-axis Slewing drive

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    • High Output Torque: Enhanced performance for more challenging applications.
    • Excellent Tracking Precision: Superior accuracy for maximum efficiency.
    • Anti-Corrosion Coating: Prolongs the lifespan of the slewing drive.
    • Anti-UV Sealing: Protects against UV radiation damage.
    • IP66 Protection Class: Ensures resistance to dust and water ingress.
    • Wide Application: Suitable for PV, CPV, and CSP systems.
  • SE3/SE7/SE9/SE12/SE14/SE17/SE21/SE25/SE28 Slewing Drive

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    SE Series Slewing Drive


    • High Load Capacity: Capable of safely handling substantial axial, radial, and tilting moment loads.
    • Smooth and Precise Rotation: Delivers smooth and reliable rotational movement for precise control and positioning.
    • Easy Installation and Maintenance: The compact design and simple construction simplify installation and reduce maintenance requirements.
    • Customizable Solutions: As an experienced manufacturer, we offer customized SE Series Slewing Drives to meet your specific application needs.
  • VH3/VH5/VH7/VH9 slewing drive for solar tracker

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    • High Load Capacity: Capable of handling substantial weights with ease.
    • Precision Engineering: Ensures accurate rotational movement for various applications.
    • Durability: Built to withstand harsh industrial environments.
    • Customization Options: Tailored solutions to meet specific industry needs.
    • Versatility: Applicable across multiple industries, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • WEA3/WEA7/WEA/9/WEA12/WEA14/WEA17/WEA21/WEA25/WEA28

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    Our cutting-edge rotary device is engineered to deliver superior performance and versatility in a compact and lightweight package. Featuring an innovative transmission system that combines a plane double enveloping hourglass worm and a rotary bearing, this device offers unparalleled capabilities.

    Key Innovations
    Multi-Tooth Meshing

    The unique worm and bearing design enables multi-tooth meshing, enhancing power transmission and operational efficiency.
    Durable and Wear-Resistant Components

    The worm is manufactured from 42CrMo steel with a secondary nitriding treatment, ensuring exceptional durability and wear resistance.
    The rotary bearing is made from 50Mn steel, with the teeth undergoing quenching for improved wear resistance.
    Optimized Design

    Our team has meticulously improved and optimized the design, resulting in a thinner overall thickness and a lighter weight, without compromising the device’s performance.