SE3/SE7/SE9/SE12/SE14/SE17/SE21/SE25/SE28 Slewing Drive

SE Series Slewing Drive


  • High Load Capacity: Capable of safely handling substantial axial, radial, and tilting moment loads.
  • Smooth and Precise Rotation: Delivers smooth and reliable rotational movement for precise control and positioning.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: The compact design and simple construction simplify installation and reduce maintenance requirements.
  • Customizable Solutions: As an experienced manufacturer, we offer customized SE Series Slewing Drives to meet your specific application needs.


High-Quality Slewing Drives

Robust, Reliable, and Precision-Engineered for Various Applications

Our Slewing Drives are expertly engineered gearboxes designed to safely handle radial and axial loads while transmitting torque for rotational applications. Whether the rotation is along a single axis or multiple axes, our slewing drives deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

Key Features

Precision Engineering

  • Integrated Design: Our slewing drives are meticulously manufactured by integrating gearing, bearings, seals, housing, motor, and other auxiliary components into a compact, ready-to-install gearbox.
  • Precision Kinematics: Utilizes advanced kinematics to achieve a high proportion of single-stage gearing, optimizing both weight and performance.

Superior Performance

  • Robust Shock Resistance: Designed to withstand significant shock loads, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Smooth Rotation: Provides smooth and reliable rotation, essential for precision applications.
  • Bearing Protection and Sealed Drive Options: Features bearing protection and optional sealed drives to enhance longevity and operational efficiency.

Versatile and Adaptable

  • Wide Application Range: Suitable for a variety of applications, including cranes, solar trackers, wind turbines, and heavy machinery.
  • Custom Solutions: As an experienced slewing drive manufacturer, we offer customized solutions to meet specific application requirements.


  • High Load Capacity: Capable of safely holding substantial radial and axial loads.
  • Efficient Torque Transmission: Ensures effective torque transmission for rotational movement.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Bearings and gears are assembled into a small, self-contained unit, optimizing space and reducing weight.
  • Long Life Performance: Engineered for longevity, providing reliable performance over an extended period.

Why Choose Our Slewing Drives?

  • Expert Manufacturing: Our extensive experience and expertise in slewing drive manufacturing guarantee high-quality products.
  • Adaptability: These highly adaptable drives are suitable for various industrial applications.
  • Enhanced Protection: Features robust bearing protection and sealed options to withstand harsh environments.

Our Slewing Drives are the perfect choice for applications requiring reliable, high-performance rotational solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how our slewing drives can enhance your operations.

Incorporate our High-Quality Slewing Drives into your projects for unmatched reliability, durability, and precision in rotational applications.


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