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  • SLA-LC01 4000N load Lifting column

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    Permanent Magnet DC Motor Voltage: Available in 12VDC or 24VDC options.
    High Pushing/Pulling Force: Capable of 600KG (6000N) in both pushing and pulling directions.
    Customizable Stroke Length: Standard strokes of 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, and 600mm, with customization options available to meet specific requirements.
    Compact Installation Distance:
    Fully retracted: Stroke (S) + 175mm
    Fully extended: 2 * Stroke (S) + 175mm
    Variable Speed:
    No-load speed: Up to 20mm/s
    Rated load speed: 5mm/s (400KG load) to 20mm/s (50KG load)
    Wide Operating Temperature Range: Suitable for environments from -26°C to 65°C.
    Standard Protection Level: IP54, ensuring resistance to dust and splashing water.
    Built-In Travel Switch: For precise control over movement range.
    Low Noise Design: Noise level below 50dB for quiet operation.
    Remote Control Options: Can

  • SLA-LC02 6000N Lifting column

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  • SLA-LC03 3-stage Liftingcolumn

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