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  • SLA-T01 linear actuator for Robot

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    Optional working voltage: 6V DC or 12V DC or 24VDC
    Optional stroke: 10/17.5/21/25/30/50/75/100/150/200mm
    Installation length: 55mm + Stroke
    Optional speed: 5mm±1mm/s, 7mm±2mm/s, 9.5mm±2mm/s, 15mm±3mm/s, 30mm±5mm/s, 50mm±10mm/s, 150mm±20mm/s
    The above is the speed at no load, and the actual working speed will gradually slow down as the load increases.
    Max Load capacity: 188N / 19 Kgs / 42 lbs at 5mm/second
    Linear actuator can get maximum load capacity when it operates in the vertical direction, and the pulling force is less than
    pushing force.
    No-load current: 0.02~0.04A at 12V or 0.04~0.08A at 6V
    Full load current: 0.2~0.3A at 12V or 0.4~0.6A at 6V
    Outer tube diameter: 12*16mm
    Telescopic tube diameter: 6*9mm
    Mounting holes diameter: 4mm
    Housing Material: Polyamide
    Stroke Rod Material: Aluminum Alloy
    Outer Tube Material: Aluminum Alloy
    Gear Material: Steel Alloy
    Motor Type: Brushed DC Motor
    Duty Cycle: 10%
    Plug Standard: Ordinary Two-core Wire
    Certifications: CE
    Environment temperature: -26℃ to 85℃
    Operating Noise: about 45dB~55dB (Linear actuators with different parameters will have different noise levels.)
    IP rating: IP54

  • SLA-T3S 3-stage tubular linear actuator

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    1. Exquisite, concise appearance design
    2. Slip-type installation for a variety of window type,
    3. Smooth, smooth power output
    4. With electronic control overload protection device
    5. Synchronous control box can be used to synchronize the operation of multiple motors
    6. More than 2,000 launch and pullback tests
    7. Travel can be customized according to customer needs

  • SLA-T50 5000N tubular linear actuator

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    *Max load:5000N
    *Max No-load speed:9.0MM/S
    *Stroke Range:30-1000MM
    *Noise: ≦55dB
    *Waterproof level:IP66
    *Built-in limit switch
    *Duty Cycle:10%
    *Application:RV roof lift, Yacht, Medical equipment lifting, Solar tracking,etc

    *Dual Hall Sensor
    *Limit Switch signal Output

  • SLA-T52 6000N IP68 waterproof linear actuator

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    ■ SLA52M is a powerful in-line linear actuator with max load capacity 6000N.
    ■ Thanks to its clean design, high load capacity, IP67M protection, synchronous working, SLA52M is ideal for outdoor applications where the actuators will be visible, such as skylight, smoke vent system, yacht automation, agricultural machine

    • Voltage(V):12V / 24V
    • Max. Power(W): 120W
    • IP rating: IP67M
    • Max Load:6000N
    • Min Stroke(mm): 20mm
    • Max Stroke(mm): 500mm
    • No load current(A): ≤1.6 / ≤0.8
    • Load current(A): ≤10 / ≤5
    • Color: Black
    • Noise on load (dB): 75dB
    • Working duty(S2): Work 2 minutes and rest 18 minutes
    • Life time(cycles): ≥10k
    • Material of outer tube: 6063Aluminium
    • Operating temperature(°C):-20°C~60°C
    • Storage temperature(℃):-40°C~70°C
    • Certification: CE
  • SLA04 200N linear actuator

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    • Working Voltage Options: DC 12V or DC 24V (24V recommended for optimal performance)
    • Customizable Stroke Range: 50 mm to 800 mm
    • Speed Options:
      • 45mm±5mm/s
      • 80mm±10mm/s
      • 140mm±15mm/s
      • 230mm±25mm/s
    • Max Load Capacity: 200N / 20 Kgs / 40 lbs at 45mm/s
    • No-load Current: Approx. 1.5A
    • Max Load Current: Approx. 3-6A
    • Recommended Power Supply:
      • Single actuator: 12V/10A or 24V/5A
      • Two actuators: 12V/20A or 24V/10A
      • Four actuators: 12V/50A or 24V/25A
    • Outer Tube Diameter: 55mm
    • Shaft Diameter: 28mm
    • Mounting Holes Diameter: 8mm
    • Material:
      • Housing: Aluminum Alloy
      • Stroke Rod: Aluminum Alloy
      • Gear: Polymer Plastic
    • Motor Type: Brushed DC Motor
    • Duty Cycle: 20%, Max 2 mins continuous use
    • Plug Standard: Ordinary Two-core Wire
    • Certifications: CE
    • Operating Temperature: -26℃ to 85℃
    • Operating Noise: Approx. 46dB~52dB
    • IP Rating: IP54
  • SLA05 1500N linear actuator

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    • No-load Rate: High efficiency at various loads
    • Maximum Thrust: 1500N
    • Operating Frequency: 20%
    • Maximum Self-locking Power: 2000N
    • Maximum Load: 1500N (equivalent to 150kg)
    • Speed Range:
      • 5mm/s (1500N)
      • 30mm/s (250N)
    • Duty Cycle: 25% at high speed, 10%
    • Construction: Innovative Aluminum Alloy
    • IP Class: IP54 / IP65