SLA-T01 linear actuator for Robot

Optional working voltage: 6V DC or 12V DC or 24VDC
Optional stroke: 10/17.5/21/25/30/50/75/100/150/200mm
Installation length: 55mm + Stroke
Optional speed: 5mm±1mm/s, 7mm±2mm/s, 9.5mm±2mm/s, 15mm±3mm/s, 30mm±5mm/s, 50mm±10mm/s, 150mm±20mm/s
The above is the speed at no load, and the actual working speed will gradually slow down as the load increases.
Max Load capacity: 188N / 19 Kgs / 42 lbs at 5mm/second
Linear actuator can get maximum load capacity when it operates in the vertical direction, and the pulling force is less than
pushing force.
No-load current: 0.02~0.04A at 12V or 0.04~0.08A at 6V
Full load current: 0.2~0.3A at 12V or 0.4~0.6A at 6V
Outer tube diameter: 12*16mm
Telescopic tube diameter: 6*9mm
Mounting holes diameter: 4mm
Housing Material: Polyamide
Stroke Rod Material: Aluminum Alloy
Outer Tube Material: Aluminum Alloy
Gear Material: Steel Alloy
Motor Type: Brushed DC Motor
Duty Cycle: 10%
Plug Standard: Ordinary Two-core Wire
Certifications: CE
Environment temperature: -26℃ to 85℃
Operating Noise: about 45dB~55dB (Linear actuators with different parameters will have different noise levels.)
IP rating: IP54


High-Quality Miniature Linear Actuators

Enhance your projects with our high-quality miniature linear actuators, designed to deliver superior performance and reliability across a wide range of applications. Built with robust materials and advanced technology, these actuators are perfect for environments demanding precision, durability, and adaptability.

188N / 19 kg / 42 lbs
128N / 13 kg / 29 lbs
96N / 9.8 kg / 21 lbs
64N / 6.5 kg / 14 lbs
32N / 3.2 kg / 7 lbs
19N / 1.9 kg / 4 lbs
6N / 0.6 kg / 1.3 lbs


  • High-Quality Products and Services: We provide top-notch actuators along with exceptional customer support.
  • Durable Polyamide Housing: Capable of operating in harsh environments.
  • Metal Gearbox: Features high-strength, wear-resistant gears for longevity.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Construction: Made with aluminum alloy telescopic and outer tubes.
  • Strong Thrust: Delivers up to 188N / 19 Kgs / 42 lbs.
  • Multiple Speed Options: Ranges from 5 mm/second to 150 mm/second.
  • Versatile Stroke Options: Offers strokes from 10 mm to 150 mm.
  • Advanced Waterproof and Dustproof Technology: Ensures reliable performance.
  • Low Power Consumption and Noise: Designed for efficient and quiet operation.
  • Built-in Limit Switches: Automatically stops when the stroke rod reaches the limit position and locks in place without requiring power.
  • Maintenance-Free: Designed for long-term, hassle-free use.


  • Working Voltage Options: 6V DC, 12V DC, or 24V DC
  • Stroke Options: 10 mm
  • Installation Length: 55 mm + Stroke
  • Speed Options:
    • 5 mm±1mm/s
    • 7 mm±2mm/s
    • 9.5 mm±2mm/s
    • 15 mm±3mm/s
    • 30 mm±5mm/s
    • 50 mm±10mm/s
    • 150 mm±20mm/s
  • Max Load Capacity: 188N / 19 Kgs / 42 lbs at 5 mm/second
  • No-load Current:
    • 0.02~0.04A at 12V
    • 0.04~0.08A at 6V
  • Full Load Current:
    • 0.2~0.3A at 12V
    • 0.4~0.6A at 6V
  • Outer Tube Diameter: 12*16 mm
  • Telescopic Tube Diameter: 6*9 mm
  • Mounting Holes Diameter: 4 mm
  • Material:
    • Housing: Polyamide
    • Stroke Rod: Aluminum Alloy
    • Outer Tube: Aluminum Alloy
    • Gear: Steel Alloy
  • Motor Type: Brushed DC Motor
  • Duty Cycle: 10%
  • Plug Standard: Ordinary Two-core Wire
  • Certifications: CE
  • Operating Temperature: -26℃ to 85℃
  • Operating Noise: Approximately 45dB~55dB
  • IP Rating: IP54


These miniature linear actuators are small, light, quiet, and durable, making them ideal for a variety of applications in industries such as:

  • Small Doors and Windows
  • Furniture
  • Medical and Healthcare Equipment
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Vehicles and Ships
  • Drones and Aircraft Models
  • Car and Ship Models
  • Robotics
  • Remote Controls (RC)

Our versatile actuators are capable of performing multiple functions, including opening, closing, pushing, pulling, lifting, and lowering various devices. With precision engineering and a compact design, they deliver seamless functionality while ensuring minimal space usage.

Upgrade your systems with our high-quality miniature linear actuators and experience the perfect blend of efficiency, reliability, and performance.


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