SLA06 3500N linear actuator


Input voltage: 12VDC
Stroke length:50mm-1000mm
Max. Load:3500N
Duty cycle:10%, work 2 minutes need to rest 18minutes.
Build-in integral limit switch, adjustable after leaving factory.
Low noise design, dB<50
IP Grade: IP54


Stroke (linear actuator telescopic distance)
Voltage (linear actuator voltage environment 12V/24V does not affect the thrust and speed)
Speed (you asked how much time to finish the stroke you need)
Thrust (you need this linear actuator to push the number of kilograms of items)
(Other special requirements can be individually linked to us, including the shape of the transformation, the transformation of key parts)
Product parameters:
Drive voltage: 12V/24VDC
Maximum Thrust: 350KG/3500N
Minimum installation dimensions (fully retracted around in the middle of the distance between the two holes):
L1= Stroke+120 mm
Maximum installation dimensions (fully extended around the middle of the distance of the two holes): L = 2xS(stroke)+120mm
Ambient temperature :-26 to +65 degree
Protection class: IP 54
Built-in limit switches(When completed stroke, linear actuator automatically stops!)
Low noise design, noise levels below 42 db
Work rule: 10%. Loading rated thrust need 10% work rule. In 20 minutes, 2minutes work 18minutes rest.
If lower load can extend work time.
Color: black
30MM/S 500N 25MM/S 700N
20MM/S 1000N 15MM/S 1500N
10MM/S 2500N 5MM/S 3000N
3MM/S 3500N
12V/24V electric putter motor, putter two ends have a stroke limit switch, telescopic rod running in the end or to the top, will automatically stop.
The motor does not empty the burner.
The push rod is a DC motor drive, screw drive. The telescopic rod can only be stretched without rotation.
The motor is positive and negative. Such as positive extension, negative shrinkage. Change the direction of the rod can be changed.
Note: bracket and controller is the need to purchase another, need friends please contact us.
Product Features: promoting other objects to push, pull, up, down action
Applications: TV lift massage table, electric bed, medical chair, electric equipment, micro-devices


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