Our cutting-edge rotary device is engineered to deliver superior performance and versatility in a compact and lightweight package. Featuring an innovative transmission system that combines a plane double enveloping hourglass worm and a rotary bearing, this device offers unparalleled capabilities.

Key Innovations
Multi-Tooth Meshing

The unique worm and bearing design enables multi-tooth meshing, enhancing power transmission and operational efficiency.
Durable and Wear-Resistant Components

The worm is manufactured from 42CrMo steel with a secondary nitriding treatment, ensuring exceptional durability and wear resistance.
The rotary bearing is made from 50Mn steel, with the teeth undergoing quenching for improved wear resistance.
Optimized Design

Our team has meticulously improved and optimized the design, resulting in a thinner overall thickness and a lighter weight, without compromising the device’s performance.


WEA Series Slewing Drives: Robust, Protective, and Reliable

Innovative Slewing Solutions for Heavy-Duty Industrial Applications

The WEA Series Slewing Drives are the latest addition to our comprehensive slewing product lineup, offering enhanced capabilities and performance compared to our previous SE series. Designed with a focus on protection, torque transmission, and durability, these slewing drives are the perfect choice for demanding industrial applications.

Key Features

Slewing Bearing Core

  • Utilizing a slewing bearing as the core component, the WEA series slewing drives can simultaneously handle axial forces, radial forces, and tilting moments with ease.
  • This design provides superior load-bearing capabilities and ensures reliable performance under heavy-duty conditions.

Improved Protective Performance

  • The robust housing and carefully engineered components offer enhanced protection against environmental factors, extending the service life of the slewing drive.
  • This improved protective performance makes the WEA series slewing drives ideal for use in harsh industrial environments.

Exceptional Torque Transmission

  • The advanced worm and bearing design allows for superior torque transmission, enabling the slewing drives to handle demanding applications with ease.
  • This high-torque capacity ensures efficient and reliable rotational motion, even under heavy loads.

Enhanced Impact Resistance

  • The WEA series slewing drives are engineered to withstand significant impact and shock loads, further enhancing their durability and reliability.
  • This improved impact resistance contributes to the long service life of these slewing solutions.

Wide Application Range

  • Suitable for a broad spectrum of industries and applications, including solar tracking systems, aerial work machinery, truck cranes, rock drills, drilling machines, and grasping wood machines.
  • The versatility of the WEA series slewing drives makes them a valuable asset for a wide range of heavy-duty industrial operations.


  • Robust Load Handling: Capable of managing substantial axial forces, radial forces, and tilting moments simultaneously.
  • Enhanced Protection: Improved housing and component design provide superior protection against environmental factors, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • High-Torque Capabilities: Exceptional torque transmission allows for efficient and reliable rotational motion, even under heavy loads.
  • Durable and Shock-Resistant: Engineered to withstand significant impact and shock loads, ensuring reliable operation in demanding environments.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty industrial applications, from solar tracking to specialized machinery.

Elevate your industrial operations with the WEA Series Slewing Drives, the latest innovation in our robust slewing solutions. Contact us today to discover how these slewing drives can enhance the performance and reliability of your equipment.

Incorporate the WEA Series Slewing Drives into your projects for unparalleled protection, torque transmission, and durability in heavy-duty industrial applications.


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