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  • WEA3/WEA7/WEA/9/WEA12/WEA14/WEA17/WEA21/WEA25/WEA28

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    Our cutting-edge rotary device is engineered to deliver superior performance and versatility in a compact and lightweight package. Featuring an innovative transmission system that combines a plane double enveloping hourglass worm and a rotary bearing, this device offers unparalleled capabilities.

    Key Innovations
    Multi-Tooth Meshing

    The unique worm and bearing design enables multi-tooth meshing, enhancing power transmission and operational efficiency.
    Durable and Wear-Resistant Components

    The worm is manufactured from 42CrMo steel with a secondary nitriding treatment, ensuring exceptional durability and wear resistance.
    The rotary bearing is made from 50Mn steel, with the teeth undergoing quenching for improved wear resistance.
    Optimized Design

    Our team has meticulously improved and optimized the design, resulting in a thinner overall thickness and a lighter weight, without compromising the device’s performance.