SLA-12K 12000N linear actuator

Product parameters of Max 12000N 12v 24v DC Motor Industrial Heavy Load Linear Actuator

1. Drive voltage: 12VDC 24VDC 36VDC 48VDC (it can be choosed)

2. Maximum load: 1200KG/12000N

3. Ambient temperature :-20 to +45 degree

4. Low noise design, noise levels below 60 db

5. Built-in integral limit switches(not adjustable after leaving factory, When completed stroke, linear actuator automatically stops!)

6. Min.install size: stroke+250mm

7. Other options: hall sensor

8. Standard Stroke: 25/50/100/150/200/250/300mm, could produce as your requirement.

9. Product Color: black

10. Duty cycle:10%, work 2 minutes need to rest 18minutes.



Optional working voltage: DC 12V or DC 24V. Unless you only have 12V power supply available, we recommend you choose the linear
actuator with 24V working voltage.
Stroke range: 50 mm-1000mm Customized
Optional speed: 20mm/s
The above is the speed at no load, and the actual working speed will gradually slow down as the load increases.
Max load capacity: 12000N / 1200 Kgs / 2700 lbs at 3mm/s
Linear actuator can get maximum load capacity when it operates in the vertical direction, and the pulling force is less than
pushing force.
No-load current: 3~4A at 12V or 1.5~2A at 24V
Full load current: 15~22A at 12V or 8~12A Hat 24V
Please use a 12V/30A or 24V/15A power supply to power a linear actuator, or use a 12V/50A or 24V/25A power supply to power two
linear actuators, or use a 12V/100A or 24V/50A power supply to power four linear actuators.
Shaft diameter: 29mm
Mounting holes diameter: 13mm
Housing material: Cast aluminum alloy
Stroke rod material: Stainless steel
Gear material: Steel alloy
Motor type: Brushed DC Motor
Duty cycle: 10%, max 2mins continuous use
Plug standard: Ordinary Two-core Wire, or Six-core Wire (with Hall effect sensor)
Certifications: CE
Environment temperature: -25℃ to 85℃
Operating noise: about 65dB~80dB (Linear actuators with different parameters will have different noise levels.)
IP rating: IP66

SLA-12K linear actuator
Maximum push/pull force
Standard stroke
S = (50, 100, 150,200,300,400, 600,800,1000) mm, can be customized according to customer requirements.
The shortest installation distance (the distance between the centers of the front and rear holes when the inner tube is fully
L=Stroke + 250 mm (Stroke<300mm)
L=Stroke + 260 mm (Stroke>300mm)
the center distance between the front and rear holes when the inner tube is fully extended
2*S (stroke) + 250mm/260mm
2*S (stroke) + 250mm/260mm
maximum 20mm/s
Rated load rate
5mm/s (12000KG) -20mm/s (200KG)
Ambient temperature
Standard protection level
limit switch
Low noise design
the noise level is 60dB
Can be equipped with wire or wireless remote control/hall sensor


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