SLA08 10000N linear actuator

12V/24V DC linear actuator with built-in potentiometer. The unit has a 50 mm 100mm 200mm 800mm extension and a maximum load of 1000 kg (10000 N).

The SLA08 linear actuator has an IP65 rating, which means it can be used in wet conditions. Two limit switches provide protection against exceeding the maximum extension range.
Application of linear actuators
* Lift of flaps in motor vehicles
* Components of industrial and agricultural machinery
* Domestic and industrial automation components
* Opening and closing of valves
* Photovoltaic components


SLA08 linear actuator
Maximum push/pull force
Standard stroke
S = (50, 100, 150,200,300,400, 600,800,1000) mm, can be customized according to customer requirements.

The shortest installation distance 

(the distance between the centers of the front and rear holes when the inner tube is fully retracted)
L=S (stroke) + 250mm
the center distance between the front and rear holes when the inner tube is fully extended
2*S (stroke) + 250mm
No-load speed
maximum 80mm/s
Rated load rate
5mm/s (800KG) -80mm/s (50KG)
Ambient temperature
Standard protection level
limit switch
Low noise design
the noise level is 60dB
Can be equipped with wire or wireless remote control


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